Bitwig Preset Chase Bliss MOOD

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Control Chase Bliss MOOD with MIDI. Setup: change the MIDI output and channel of the top level device to match your pedal. The device passes through all MIDI notes, but does not send any of them out to the pedal because of the Channel Filter device in the Note FX. This is so that you can use the device on the same track as the instrument it's affecting. If you want received MIDI notes to be passed to the pedal, delete the Channel Filter. To control the pedal, use the preset pages on the top-level device. Do not edit the internal MIDI CC devices unless you have good reason. The default MIDI controller values for the toggle switches are set to 2 so they can be modulated in the range 1-3.
47 downloads Bitwig 4.4
strathmeyer 1 year, 9 months ago


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