Bitwig Preset Yamaha Mx Hardware Host

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tonyvfish 3 years, 3 months ago


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    3 years, 3 months ago by tonyvfish

    Preset for all 1,167 preset soon available

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Enables the user to preview a hardware preset from the browser (1,167 MX presets soon available). Also allows separate volume for each preset via midi volume control. To use this load into a instrument track, to preview an MX preset, click on the Midi change Program and browse to the new preset to audition it. Remember once you have chosen your Preset remember to set your desired channel number. So if your desired channel number in 2, set the midi input for the channel to All => 2, the midi Program change to 2 and the Midi CC to 2 Why is this Necessary ? The Yamaha MX is a multi- timbral synth , capable of playing many different patches at once, yet has a single stereo output like a lot if hardware synths. Changing the volume on the hardware instrument only changes the volume for all sounds coming from the MX, hence a midi volume is implemented for each channel. Putting the hardware host in place and swapping the midi Program Change also also you to preview presets.

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