Bitwig Preset Grid Control Modulation - Macro Sender v5 (Save to presets - Poly Grid)

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This is a Grid Control Modulation. It allows you to send signals from one Grid to another. The signals of the GCM can be read via the audio sidechain module link. 1. you can send a signal from 0.0% to 100% with one thenth after the comma. (11.1%, 13.2% etc.) Press the button "true/Bnc" for a modulation (true input) out to send a clip modulation. Otherwise don't activate this button and build your modulation on the upper empty node of the selector. With this you could build an ever-evolving signal via this contraption. 2. you can render signals (that also are maybe of generative nature, with chance modules etc.) into audio clips. Draw an empty clip in the GCM lane. render this clip (post fader). Input the rendered clip via the "Audio-rate" module in the side of the device. Press the buttons "true/Bnc" and "bounce on". Read the description inside the grid.
Poly Grid
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Zille 8 months, 1 week ago


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