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Mono Ambisonics 3. order Encoder (uses less CPU then the stereo version). This is meant to be used in combination with Reaper! Check the tutorial here: PARAMETERS 1. PAGE: LFO/RND: modulate the panner; SPACE SIM: simulation of a room with changing settings depending on the distance of the signal; DISTANCE: controls the gain change dependent of the distance; Z: controls the height; WIDTH: controls the stereo width; ORDER: controls seamlessly from 1. to 3. order; BINAURAL 2. PAGE: MICRO OSC: adds a oscillations to the x/y axis to simulate head movements and thus enhance localization; B-BÄNDER: adds filters to enhance front/back localization; NEAR-FIELD: adds a low shelf when the signal is near.
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Ioka 7 months, 3 weeks ago


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