Bitwig Preset Euclidean S-B-A Absolute

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Euclidean Rhythm Generator with Step, Beat, and Accents. (Absolute - Notes Fixed in Preset. For Pitch Tracked Offsets see Relative version). Controls: Sequence starts on Note Gates. Independent settings for SBA/Cycle, Phi Offset, Velocity, Pitch. Gate Length. MULTI toggles from single hit out (loudest S/B/A hits -- careful to set velA>velB>velS in this mode) to multi output ( S/B/A hits simultaneous). Num/Denom = phi multipliers. HoldF to tie consecutive hits. Grid Pitch mods set pitch of notes out. Pitch mod = 0 enables midi learned note. (see lunardigs- nice!) Adapted from one of my Reaktor Patches (thanks David Alexander- Toybox). with cribs from Polarity and lunardig. Thanks gents! ras
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ras 1 year ago


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