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It's a doozy. Goes from extremely clean full-band or selective frequency lifting to extreme squashing, more agressive than 3X serial OTTs. Requires DMG Multiplicity and Compassion. Depth is downwards compression, Up Ratio and Up Thresh control the upwards compression. Time controls both. C1->C2 and C2->C1 control the sidechain fed tot he detector circuit. C1->C2 will feed Mid or Left channel into Side or Right detector and vice versa. OS turns on oversampling for the Multiplicitys and the Compassions. M/S switches from L/R detection to M/S. hdrm knobs are used to adjust the per-band headroom when you have one or more bands hitting the compressors too hot, or too quiet. This is probably last in my creative OTT series, unless I decide to update the old ones. It has everything I want, almost: No bandpassy sounding coloration, mid/side unlinked processing, infinite ratios, oversampling, and I think 8 bands is enough that I don't need adjustable corssovers. My only complaint is that Compassion's upward compression often creates initial pops and clicks, like most (except Flux Pure DeExp)
15 downloads Bitwig 3.2 Beta 5
Cryptid 1 month, 3 weeks ago


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