Preset: WigSpacer Utility

40 band EQ that ducks problem frequencies. Add directly to the problem track, then select a track inside of the "Track Select" layer to draw from. Use remote controls to change global parameters. Inspired by Trackspacer by Wavesfactory.

Added3 weeks, 4 days ago
DeviceFX Layer
Bitwig Version2.5
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    5 (1)
    3 weeks, 4 days ago by somethingtohide

    I love seeing a good implementation of a commonly requested idea for Bitwig Devices. It works as you'd expect and with very minimal configuration. I'd only use something like this once or so per project, so the CPU hit is not a dealbreaker. It would be interesting to see the lo/hi cut parameters disable the related EQ-5's for performance, though it's a very easy manual task. Another idea is a layer that shows a Spectrum Analyzer with a before/after.