Bitwig Preset GEN - 2 Stage Melody Generator

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-2 Stages of random melody generation with ability to Hold and repeat each Stage individually. By default, each Stage repeats 1 bar 4 times, and switches between Stage 1 and 2 every 4 bars. *How to use: -Open Post FX on the device, and also open Post FX on the device labeled REPEATS so you can see both Key Filters. Select your desired key on both Key Filters, then, if not open already, open the Remote Controls on the main device to use the preset pages. -Hit Trigger and wait until you hear a repeating phrase you like, then hit Hold 1 to keep it. The phrase will now repeat infinitely in the Stage 1 buffer. -Hit Switch to engage Stage 2, wait until the melody switches from Stage 1 to Stage 2, then hit Switch again to disengage Switching. You should now be hearing notes from the Stage 2 generator. -Once you hear a phrase you like, hit Hold 2 to keep it repeating. -Then hit Switch again. Now the melody will switch back and forth between Stage 1 and 2 at a set rate. -There are 2 buttons on preset page 4 (Time - Global) called Stage 1 and Stage 2 which do nothing, but serve as visual indicators to tell you which Stage is active. Turning Trigger off and back on will reset to Stage 1. -Switch, Hold 1 and Hold 2 are rate-synced and when pressed only engage at the end of each phrase. In other words, you cannot Hold or Switch mid-phrase. -Chance is your basic chance of notes occuring. -Timebase is the base rate of generated notes. -Uneven button and Uneven % randomly change the rhythm of generated notes. -Low note and Hi note set the range of generated notes; the floor and ceiling. -Feedback controls the Pitch S&H LFO, and controls how far or close the next note value generated will be from the last. Lower setting will have more stepwise movement, higher setting will have more leaps. -Off key % adds a chance to generate notes outside the chosen scale. There are 2 Key Filter devices in the chain, and this is why. Off key % will not work without both. Make sure you set your chosen scale the same on both Key Filters! -Repeat off disengages the Clock and allows free-flowing melody generation with no repeats. You can still Hold and Switch. -Bend and Pitch and Transpose smear the Pitch output in different ways, useful for fills and variation. -Variation preset page is for adding rhythmic variation to the repeating phrases. Vary button activates, Vary % controls the chance, Vary Range controls how far in pitch it can vary. The rest control the timing of the variation; by default the variation window is around bar 3. -Time - Global preset page controls repeat timing. Beats and Unit macro control all buffers and by default are set to a length of 1 bar (4 quarter notes). -Clock controls the length of the 2 phrases, by default set to 4 bars. -Switch controls the time before switching from Stage 1 to Stage 2, by default set to 8 bars. -Time - Individual preset page has individual control for the length of each Stage 1 and 2 buffer. Prepare for chaos if you mess with these. Chaos can be good, tho. -Note Length can be adjusted to taste for the sound you're using. -Entropy button slowly degrades the repeating Pitch signal over time, introducing gradual random note changes in the repeating phrase. Entropy % controls how fast it degrades and Bias controls whether it is more likely to degrade up or down in pitch. Manual allows you to directly push the pitch up or down. (Even with Entropy off, you may notice that phrases sometimes don't repeat perfectly forever. AFAIK this can't be avoided totally and inspired me to add Entropy controls to push the effect further.) -random Velocity values are also generated, so you may need the Velocity Curve device to get into a useful range. -To record the output you have the option of sending Delayed MIDI from the device labeled SEND MIDI FROM HERE. Then you can record stuff after hearing it, but not miss what you heard.
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