Bitwig Preset Plinky v3 - Multi-output generative Gridnik

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Plinky Gridnik noodle with separate output channels!
153 downloads Bitwig 3.3.1
muteqx 3 years, 2 months ago


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Diverteqx (WIP v1) - a track made using Plinky3

This is a Grid patch I've been working on which produces melodic sequences and accompanying independent chordal parts from random numbers fed through a pitch-quantizer and some attempts to tweak the whole system to sound melodic and musical while also still retaining randomness. The notes chosen are based on probability of the parts following the direction changes of the leading voice (the high pitched "plinks") or just carrying on with what they were already playing. Each of the parts plays a note which is harmonically related to the leading (plinky) part, so the chances of sounding consonant are considerably improved! The synth lead part takes its notes from a buffer containing recently chosen notes. Each of the six voices is sent to a separate output using the Modulators, which is a bit of a workaround but it does mean that a generative patch can be recorded to individual tracks.

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