Bitwig Preset Facelifter - reverb for vocals

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Delay-based Reverb for adding space with minimal phase smearing. The signal path goes: Serial OTTs -> E Filter -> Early replies -> S Filter -> Slapback -> L FIlter -> Late replies -> Parallel Compressors Note that some unprocessed signal will bypass each filter stage, for example the E filter outputs to the Early replies Delays, but some unfiltered signal outputs past on to the Slapback and Late replies. You can shape each stage with filters how you want, without affecting the other stages too much. All controls are accessable from the Remote Control Preset Pages. Page 1: Early, Slap and Late - control the mix % of the 3 delay modules. Early Time, Slap Time, and Late Time - control the ms time of the 3 delay modules. Wet - mixes in your wet signal Dry - mixes in the dry signal pre-compressors. To mix in the truly 'dry' signal use the Raw knob on Page 4 Page 2: E, S and L Cutoff - control the cutoff frequency of the pre-delay filters for the 3 modules E and S Mode - changes filter type for the Early and Slapback filters L Reso - controls resonance for the Late replies lowpass filter DelayMod - adds time/pitch modulation to the delays. LFO - controls the rate of time/pitch modulation Page 3: OTTs - mixes in the pre-delay serial OTTs to beef up the reverb OTTdepth - controls force of the OTTs OTT time - controls the time response of the OTTs: more time = flatter dynamics Compress - adds post-reverb compression to glue the signal together and bring up the reverb tail. Best to use a small wet % and bring the ambience up after with compression. Mod Rate - controls LFO speed Timebase - use to change LFO from Hz to bpm ModWave - changes LFO wave shape Mod +/- - when off time/pitch modulation is down/negative only, when on modulation is up and down.
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