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-Attempt to replicate the Soothe 2 plugin with stock Bitwig devices. -Use the Bend/Pinch XY and Fade on the Freq Split device to select your band (blue). -Theshold, Knee and Tilt control the Loud Split device, and let you selet which partials within your band you want to process. -Selectivity works differently from Soothe 2 since I don't know how to replicate that- instead it controls a Harmonic Split device and fades between Fundamental only at 0%, then Harmonics, then Nonharmonics, and at 100% all 3 are processed equally. Alternatively, you can zero Selectivity and use Fund, Harms, and Nons controls on Remote Controls page 2. -Use Delta to hear only the processing with no Dry signal. This isn't quite perfect due to the Loud Split device not nulling completely. I've added a Gate to cut out some of this so you can hear the Delta better- you may need to adjust the Gate threshold. Use Delta Gain to make it more audible, or zero it to hear the actual loudness. -Sensitivity control on Remote Controls Page 3 affects Selectivity
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deep rest 9 months, 2 weeks ago


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