Bitwig Preset KIT - Oberheim DMX

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Oberheim DMX ready for playing Controls: GAIN - Master Comp Input gain LO DIST - Mix of LoFrq distortion MID DIST - Mix of MedFrq distortion HI DIST - Mix of HiFrq distortion PHASER - Mix of phaser ROOM - Mix of reverb PAR IN - Input gain to parallel comp PAR OUT - Ouput from parallel comp 3rd party VSTs used: Waves H-Reverb Waves CLA - 2A-LA Waves Berzerk Distortion PA Focusrite Channel PA Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class-A Arturia - FEt-76 Arturia - Phaser Bi-Tron
161 downloads Bitwig 4.0.7
Pop-I 2 years, 7 months ago


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