Bitwig Preset CLR Dynamics

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Center Left Right upwards and downwards compression. *added delay compensation so it nulls using Time Shift. For me the sweet spot is 512 samples, not sure if it will be the same for all A bit different than MSLR. MSLR is a compromise between MS and LR, just all 4 channels mixed together. CLR is a MS split, but for the Sides, dynamics are applied LR and then sent to the Side channel. It's kinda the best of both MS and LR. You get the clean stereo-ness of LR without losing your phantom center thanks to the Mid channel processing. Processing the Side as one channel can have a flattening effect on the stereo image, so this is an effort to avoid that. As always, the Upwards compression is declicked.
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glass brother 7 months, 3 weeks ago


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