Bitwig Preset Clean Bitwig-Only Multi-Band Master Bus Compression Limiter Utility

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Meant to be applied to tracks where the peak is hitting around unity (Zero on K-20 Metering). Use the preset page macros for basic controls. There's a fx-3 with a compressor on each band, and a utility to affect width on each band. There's a Limiter at the end of the chain set to fastest time just to be a ceiling. My basic master bus utiliity chain is in there with a page as well with a default dim of about 14db to make up for compression and limiting (should not change loudness if levels going in are right). There's a default "headroom" pad of -1db just to cover for intersample peaks. This is meant to be a very basic multiband mastering chain just to keep cpu low while sketching and tracking ideas. If you start hearing the compression and limiting, backoff the "preamp" macro as that's the level pre-compression until it cleans up.
79 downloads Bitwig 4.0.1
djamayaofficial 10 months, 3 weeks ago


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